Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thankful Thelma

Thankful Thelma is a great way to introduce a lesson on being thankful. We used her during our lesson on the 10 lepers because our main focus was on the one who said thanks! The idea for Thankful Thelma came from IdeaShop magazine and was submitted by Emily Hurst.

My version of Thankful Thelma is a little different than Emily's (she actually used yarn for the hair, painted the face, etc...very cute) but is used the same way. Because I was running low on time I simply printed off a girl face, colored it, stuck it to an oats container, added clothes from scrap material I had in the closet, cut some arms out of poster board and poked them through the material to the inside of the container and taped them down. I filled the container with things we are thankful for: cars, food, sun, moon, cross (Jesus), pets, toys, etc! Add whatever you want. I let the kids pull out things one at a time and we talked about being thankful for that particular thing. When we finished with all of the items I went into the lesson about the 10 lepers.

The reason she is so happy is because she has SO much to be thankful for!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting love the idea and it is very clever


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