Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wild About Bible Class Theme

Our new quarter started today. Sandy and I wanted to turn our room into a jungle and I think it turned out so cute! I really like it and don't want to take it down! Sandy and Mrs. Rhonda did a wonderful job making so many of the scenes come alive since I was out of pocket this weekend. I hope you enjoy looking at our WILD Bible classroom!

The wall beside our classroom inviting children from the very beginning to come in to Bible class. Our door "We are Wild about Bible Class!" Each child's name is on a different animal giving them a personal tie to their classroom.

One of the bulletin boards in progress in the room.
A big tree in the corner welcomes the children to come into the
classroom for a closer look.

When the children come into the classroom they work at centers. Each child has a banana with his/her name on it to know where they are to work.

"Swinging Through Memory Work" -
Each monkey has 4-5 books of the Bible on it as well as memory verses. As the children move through the books of the Bible, another banana with their name on it moves showing them how far they have gone. They also take home a paper safari hat telling their parents how far they moved through the books.
For memory verses, when they say the memory verse, they get to add a banana with their name on it to that monkey.

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