Friday, October 16, 2009

Gathering Manna

We are studying Exodus in my 4-year-old class. When we learned about how God provided the Israelites with manna, I had the children "gather" Frosted Flakes "manna" in little baskets I made with the diecut machine. I put the "manna" on pieces of green construction paper for each one to have his own area to gather from.

We also learned this song to help us remember: (Tune Bingo)
There was a food that God did give
And manna was its name o
M-A-N-N-A, M-A-N-N-A, M-A-N-N-A,
And manna was its name o.

The kids had trouble remembering the letters, and the kindergarten teacher in me saw an opportunity to let them practice letter recognition, so I made letter cards for each letter and one of the kids gets to point to the letters as we sing the song. They love it!!!

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