Friday, October 16, 2009

Quail....What is Quail?

The children enjoyed gathering manna so much, I decided to spend a little more time with the quail that God provided for the Israelites. I used balloons to make 15 "quail". We used them for the children to "catch;" we tried to keep the quail in the air; and we divided into teams and used "quail holders" to put our quail into their houses. I also made a very simple quail pattern and helped the children make a quail as their take-home.
I also used the "Bingo" song for the quail and made letter cards for QUAIL as well. The children took turns pointing to these letters as we sang:
There was a food that God did give
And quail was its name o
Q-U-A-I-L, Q-U-A-I-L, Q-U-A-I-L,
And quail was its name o.

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