Friday, November 14, 2008

David Take Homes and Memories

For our memories for the lessons on David, we used our die cut machine to make images. You could use a die cut machine, find these items or use clip art for these memories.

Lesson One: a sheep

Lesson Two: a crown

Lesson Three: a robe or an arrow

Lesson Four: a cane (we used a "j" and turned it upside down)

We also took pictures in the role play center and created paper bag scrapbooks for each child to take home on Wednesday night. Again, we took Wednesday's picture on Tuesday to create less of a hassle on Wednesday night.

Each child was given a king's robe on Wednesday night as well. We took purple tshirts (sizes youth M for most). We cut the shirts down the middle and sewed quilt batting down the middle of both sides (see picture). We took other decorations and added them to the sleeves to make it more "kingly."

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Melissa Lester said...

I haven't dropped by here in a while, and you have such a wealth of resources here. This is a great site! I will have to share it with our education coordinator.


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